Our foundation of committees is one thing that has really started to solidify so far this year. In an effort to make accessible the PTG to those who would like to be more involved, or just curious about what the PTG is so busy with, here is an introduction to the 2008-2009 PTG Committees. The idea is to make this a place for committees to post information to those in each committee as well as those needing to stay connected. Make sure to look back soon and often for updates.

Advocacy- Of course we love our schools, and of course we want to keep them open. If you want to contribute to our success in a big way, then come on down!

After-School Clubs- This committee is rolling fast. Lend a hand making our new and improved PTG sponsored After School Clubs successful! Clubs start in February and March.

Arts and Culture- The Arts and Culture committee (Marquette) has met with Marquette's principal, Andrea Kreft, to briefly discuss and map out experiences/opportunities for the second semester. Future plans include surveying staff and families this spring to explore interests and possibilities for next school year. Survey results will guide a decision making process this summer to consider having a school-wide arts and culture theme next year that would tie into all academic areas. We’re also exploring grant possibilities to help fund a school-wide, yearlong theme.

Budget- If you have ideas and opinions about how the PTG raises money, or you’re curious to see where your generous donations end up, then this committee is for you! With a full schedule of school year events, the Budget Committee is the essential ingredient, so volunteer here to make it cook!

Fundraising- This is certainly our most exciting committee to date. With so many great projects and events each school year, you’re sure to be on your toes when you sign on to this rewarding opportunity!

Traffic Safety- Our committee has taken big strides to provide safer student drop offs and pick-ups . Starting with the purchase of safety equipment to the formation of Walking Buses, we will continue our pursuit of smooth traffic flow and the safest crosswalks. Please contact Diane Scherschel.

Gardening and Nutrition- As our newest committee, we plan on dreaming big. Seeking to take advantage of the wonderful and functioning Lapham school-owned garden, help cultivate a plan and dig in to a great chance to show your support. Please contact Jim Hanson