January 15, 2008 - PTG Meeting Minutes



§         Distinguished Service Award nominations are due Jan. 30 (district awards for teachers/support staff/volunteers/etc. the “Oscars” for our schools); forms are on MMSD website and PTG website if there is someone you’d like to nominate.

§         Sports Equipment Sale/Exchange this Saturday at Marquette cafeteria 10-3; donate your gently used or too small items; money raised goes to PTG.


Principal Reports:

Anne Fisher – Affiliated Alternatives

§         Transition period similar to end of semester; meeting at Lapham tomorrow night for potential new students/families to learn more about programs; reviewing referrals and considering which students will be enrolled.

§         Graduation next week (19 students)

§         Daycare almost ready for occupation (next to SAPAR classrooms-Marquette)

§         Collaboration of “senior students” meeting with “senior adults” to learn from each other.  Look for more photos in showcase at Lapham.


Michael Hertting – Lapham

§         Have 4-6 AA students working with Lapham kids – mutually beneficial relationships

§         Book Fair coming up Feb. 7-18; also considering skating event at Tenney in early Feb.

§         Met with MSCR representative for after school clubs; still working out details – considering not including transportation which would allow additional funding for offering more club opportunities; meeting attendee consensus seems to be to eliminate transportation and “spread the money out” to more club opportunities.

§         End of semester; teachers are working on reports; 2nd graders are working on drama production; looking for thoughts on dealing with excessive tardiness – very disruptive for staff and learning for other students.


Andrea Kreft – Marquette

§         Starting first “popcorn day” this Friday; not necessarily fundraiser – just adding special day.

§         Looking at doing something fun for all-school assembly; may also consider all-school field days when weather gets nicer

§         All-school spelling bee next Thursday

§         Next month Lapham/Marquette staff will meet to discuss math and how the 2 schools’ programs work together



ABC Madison - (Troy Dassler and Jackie Woodruff):

§         Presentation on school finance reform statewide and the potential for MMSD referendum this fall.  Find presentation materials on PTG website:  http://lapham-marquette-ptg.org/ 

§         We need to educate and advocate for these changes.

§         Join ABC Madison to work for change:  ABCMadisonschools@yahoo.com

§         Keep updated on the latest developments and actions:  www.madisonamps.org