Lapham-Marquette PTG Minutes 8 February 2011





Principal Reports

Treasurer’s Report

Literacy Network Fundraiser

3/6 Fundraiser

Healthy Snack

Family Fun Night

Fundraising Open Discussion


Introductions were made, including the Officers of the PTG.


Principal Reports:


Mike Hertting – Lapham:


v  All assessments are finished and report cards are ready to go out.

v  They had their 4th Above the Line Assembly.

v  Ice skating at Tenney Park has been abandoned; a suggestion was made to ask alders about helping with skates and supplies.

v  4K is becoming more of a reality.

v  Camp Caboose will be at Lapham this summer.

v  The Book Fair is currently happening.


Affiliated Alternatives:


v  Work and Learn is still going well.

v  Fresh Start kids are doing good work.


Pam Wilson – Marquette:


v  The LMC had some snow-related leaks, but due to the quick response by custodians and building services, there was minimal loss.

v  Math fest was currently happening.

v  4th and 5th grade were having their Battle of the Books.

v  Dream Camp is in full swing.

v  4th and 5th grades will be going to Bullying: The Musical, which is a TAPIT New Works project. 3rd and 4th grades will be going later.

v  Both principals are participating in The Breakthrough Coach, where they spend time in each classroom.


Treasurer’s Report:


v  Discretionary money for Dream Camp was requested.


Literacy Network Fundraiser:


v  Darby Puglielli reported on the Read-a-thon and put forward the idea of putting together a team at Marquette.

v  Pledges can be made via the Literacy Network’s website.

v  Backpack mail will also be used to promote the fundraiser.

v  It goes from 2/27-3/5.



3/6 Fundraiser:


v  The proceeds will be split between the Barrymore and Loon.

v  The Barrymore will promote the event and hold ticket sales.

v  It is already listed online.

v  More promotion is needed, including backpack mail and flyers going up at local businesses.

v  Discussion of how to get lower-income families to the event was had, including setting up a voucher system at the Will-Call window or having a comp list.


Healthy Snack:


v  The fundraising dinner is being catered by the Underground Food Collective, and will consist of a taco bar at Marquette.

v  It will run from 5:00-7:30 with the meal from 5:30-7:00.

v  Help is needed with PR.

v  Tickets could potentially be purchased via backpack mail.

v  The cooking is donated, are materials also being donated?

v  Underground Food Collective will let us use their kitchen for snack prep.

v  Healthy Snack will start up again next year, after everything gets put in place.

v  Fundraising is the focus right now.


(There was also a massive digression into a discussion of the school gardens.)


Family Fun Night:


v  We need to set a date, possibly moving it into May, either the 6th or the 13th.


Fundraising Open Discussion:


v  The letter of appeal was discussed.

v  Volunteers are needed to make calls to 5 families apiece.

v  Material would go out by 2/11.

v  A letter to the community will go out via backpack mail.

v  Envelopes will be sent along with the fundraising letter to make donation simpler.



Respectfully submitted,

Cassandra Phoenix

PTG Secretary.