February PTG Meeting

Tuesday Feb. 10, 2009 @ Marquette


Committees-check out website

Principals- updates

Marquette /Lapham-discussion about report cards and standards based grading/teaching. District wide grade level report cards aimed at addressing state/district standards as well as issues around mobility within our own district. Aristos Grant in place to allow staff to work with a master teacher in the area of math as Balanced Math takes hold. Data formal and informal sources drive instruction. Professional development for staff more embedded due to the position of school based IRT (Instructional Resource Teacher).

Math Notebooks/Balance Math acts as a resource for teachers rather than a curriculum. There are many ideas but teachers are creating more curriculum. Very problem solving based and strategy heavy. At Marquette there is a base curriculum of Every Day Math as one piece. Lapham has utilized a strong math resource teacher to put pieces in place.

Staff discussion around Balanced Math. Possible addition of math articles and information to school newsletter or website.

Marquette- Sup. Nerad visit. Positive visit. He met staff and kids. Eric Cass visited Sup. of Business Services looking tat building based issues. Discussion around use of structure and restrictions/possibilities with program planning. Staff been involved in school visits across the district. Visits at Glendale and Kennedy. SIP (school improvement process) at staff meeting to analyze semester level assessments and needs of students using “Assessment Walls”. Rizzo presentation at staff meeting but wiring $425 needed before installation. Thanks for the staff. All city spelling bee, Marquette student represented . Math Fest coming up in March for 4th and 5th grade teams. Safety Patrol selected 2 students to go to DC. Next week Principal Kreft will interview patrols and determine two patrols to represent Marquette. Marquette LOST and FOUNDs will be emptied at the end of February. Come look in the bins.

Lapham-Special Events lately. Ice skating trip last Friday. Great trip. Opera for the Young. Kids well prepared. Hunt Quartet visiting and readying students for a visit to the symphony in the spring. Drama performance also happened this month. Lots of wet kids with the weather and playground. Send in extra socks and clothes if possible. Mike has visited classes the last couple of weeks and read a book hosting discussions around safety and bullying leading up to an assembly around respect. Family Math Night end of the month.This Thursday Awards ceremony with Kindergarteners singing. Marge Passman (School Board Member) and Eric Cass will be visiting Lapham soon.

Last Month’s Committee Social update- reviewed the PTG website. Look under committees for contact info. And updates on what is happening with each committee. There will be discussion board links also.

After School Clubs- confirmations went home Monday. Clubs start next Wed.Concerns around first come first serve policy and ideas for next year moving towards a deadline and lottery format.

Safety Committee- in November the Madison Safety Committee worked with the committee. They collected traffic patterns. A follow up meeting with parents, committee and teacher Feb 17th @ 3:30 in Marquette LMC to hear what observations were.

Arts and Culture- group met with Marquette around spending PTG line item. Decision of African National Dancers, Large National Geographic maps of Africa to support and East High Show Choir Possible ideas for theme next year to make it part of the learning.

Advocacy- Matt went to District Strategic planning committee. New Mission statement put up and there are 5 action committees Madison is looking for people to join. See MMSD website  for more info. Contact Ann Wilson at district level if you are interested.  Matt is looking for another participant to attend the Eastside Neighborhood meeting with him.

Budget-overview and discussion (budget on website)

Typical year we have raised 2/3 of our budget by now. This year we have only raised about ½. We are still OK as we have not spent as much and have had surplus.  Looking at next year’s expenses/budget knowing we will not have as big capital items to purchase from the school. Therefore we will not need as much as this year. Focus on income column money raised vs. predicted/forecasted. Any asterisk items means not yet spent. Items look good but 7-8 thousand dollars usually raised through Copper Challenge and Family Fun Night.

Fundraising and Fun Fair discussion-

Family Fun Night has been a success but lots of work and lots more volunteers needed. Looking to reintroduce the Copper Challenge. Looking for parent and administrator support for Copper Challenge. Anita and Kerry collecting donations for silent auction. Looking for more people to help gather donations. School specific T-shirts will be available to order at Family Fun Night. Room Rep committee will be contacting parents. Mrs. Moore will be running talent show with Miss B. Alex and Baldwin Street Families will run food. Diane will be in charge of games. Mary Beth running Bake Sale.

Need a coordinator to run Plant Sale.