PTG Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2008 @ Lapham



§         Market Baskets – a program to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to families.  This is not a CSA or a PTG fundraiser.  We’re looking to get more info about the program and for anyone who would be interested in serving as coordinator.

§         Really in need of PTG officers for next year; current board members will provide a list of duties to create an easy transition

§         Thanks Anita – amazing job organizing fundraisers

§         Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association (TLNA) Potluck is the same night as 2nd grade choir concert; the potluck will run from 6-7:30 with Marg Passman as the guest speaker.  Please consider attending in conjunction with the choir concert.  Adults $1/kids (12 and under) are free.

§         TLNA Safe Communities Slow Down campaign kickoff is Wednesday, April 16, noon-12:45 at Tenney Park beach (note this is an early release day so bring the kids!)


Principal Reports:

Anne Fisher – Affiliated Alternatives

§         April 16 – School Makes A Difference: community members come in and speak to Juniors/Seniors about career opportunities; work on networking; connecting students with community members

§         Daycare doing well at Marquette; hoping to open up second classroom soon

§         Site visit last week related to urban leadership; Affilitated Alternatives-Lapham-Marquette representatives attended; the school community has come together to support the alternatives programs at Lapham and Marquette


Andrea KreftMarquette

§         Focusing on next year’s placement of teachers/students; encourage parents to fill out placement forms

§         Will be attending a Healthy classroom symposium (Andrea & Mike)

§         Run for Wellness (a benefit for Health and Wellness programs throughout Madison Public Schools); 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, May 3rd at 10AM Vilas Park; hoping to put together a Marquette Team.

§         WKCE scores went home; call Andrea if you have any questions

§         After school clubs that have been supported by MSCR are not occurring next year; funding has been discontinued


Michael Hertting – Lapham

§         Now have multi-media cart for teachers to use for presentations; have been doing PowerPoint presentations – did one for “above the line” program; also did one on safety using the kids safety posters as background slides

§         Second grade is working on their “culminating” event; will not be doing a tea this year; instead will be singing and each class will do some sort of community service; each class will present their project to the larger group then all will go to a family picnic at Tenney Park; date is not set but will be in May

§         Code red drill coming up; parents will get advanced notice; likely will be sometime next week

§         Panhandler in school after school hours.  Left on his own; incident reported to the principal after panhandler left.  In the future, should something similar happen, staff will call police to escort off the premises.

§         Received the professional development grant that was submitted– $8200


Family Fun Night

Need people for the following jobs:

§         parent help with ping-pong tables (3 sets of 3 parents each doing 1 hr shift);

§         help enforce respectful/quiet space in performance areas – looking for “gatekeeper” to remind kids to be respectful when entering this area;

§         to volunteer, contact Deb Mulligan:

§         copper challenge/bake sale announcements will go home in backpack mail;

§         please consider donating any gently used toys that could be used as game prizes; items may be dropped off at Diane Scherschel’s house:  1233 Sherman Avenue


Scrip Review – Anita Krasno

§         Simplified Scrip; new fundraiser that involves buying gift cards to businesses you already patronize (i.e. Woodman’s or PDQ); each business donates a percentage of sales to the PTG; can buy online or print online application and mail in; easy to sign up and use

§         For more info, check out:

§         Please consider this as a fundraising option – tell your friends!


Traffic Discussion

§         Crossing issue at Williamson and Thornton; once kids reach Willy St. kids can go left or right 1 block to reach a crossing light; however, kids often take the straight shot across.

§         Looked at crossings guards/signs/moving a light/talked with many people; group plans to get a letter out to parents so they are aware of kids crossing at the intersection

§         Parents need to be more aware of their driving habits when dropping off their kids; driving way too fast and not yielding to kids; dangerous and don’t want to wait until something tragic happens; suggest better signage of where parents should drop kids off (where they shouldn’t)

§         Q: have you considered orange cones? A: Tried that, but some got run over; some got left out; think the “little green guys” (cardboard/plastic cut-outs that could be put up on sandwich board) would serve similar purpose, but may be more effective

§         Q: do you think parents are aware where they ARE supposed to park? A: Not really; it is posted, but is not effective

§         Q: any specific recommendations? A: No traffic flow recommendations; considering a safety campaign with brochures to hand out at the beginning of the school year; considering “reward” days (donation of some sort) to hand out to parents who are dropping off in correct places/driving safely; thinking about having parents out there at the beginning of the school year reminding people where/how to drop off; need to realize this is not just a school thing-but a neighborhood safety issue; try to organize “walking school buses” at the beginning of the school year to encourage walking rather than driving/also walking in groups with adult; get parents involved and make sure commuters know this is a school zone – be respectful of speed limit!; want to get this info in neighborhood association newsletters and Willy St. co-op newsletter

§         Looking for more volunteers/help with campaign to launch next fall; contact Diane Scherschel at 255-8438 or for info about the traffic committee.


Next Year’s PTG Expenditures – Ideas/thoughts?

§         Traffic control

§         Dryer for swimming program

§         Dryer extractor to wring out clothes after swimming

§         World language clubs

§         Money to promote referendum (brochures/printing/signs)

§         Teacher incentives (gift card) to attend PTG meetings

§         High and low ropes program (stress challenge)

§         Lynn Najem (risers) other expenses?

§         Arts & Performance line item: Marquette has 2 (.2) music teachers – would like more all-school assemblies around the arts and bringing in purposeful performances [comment to consider using performance groups from East High – very talented groups!]

§         Strings program running on tight budget/instruments in tough shape – consider providing money to this program.

§         Any other ideas please email: