PTG Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2007 @ Marquette



§         Marquette Waterfront Festival (June 7-8) – PTG welcome to have table at the festival – we need someone to coordinate – contact Tonya  (

§         O’Keefe picnic Monday, May 19, 5:30-7 – a “welcome” from the Middle school PTG

§         Discussion about Mark Staskal; mother called PTG; he will be placed on Mifflin Street 1 block from Lapham; she believes he is not safe; what/if anything should we do as a PTG?  Consider partnering with TLNA; is placement ½ block from Lapham and across from soccer field where many kids are playing really the best placement for this individual? Kerry Motoviloff volunteered to get more information and coordinate any action.   Will also follow-up with neighborhood association.


PTG Officer Elections – Next year’s officers are:

§         Presidents – Tyler Driscoll & Mary Beth Collins

§         Vice President – Chris Rietz

§         Secretary – Kerry Motoviloff

§         Treasurer – Alex Squitieri

§         Fundraising –Daithi Wolfe & Anita Krasno

§         Advocacy Chair – Matt Calvert


Principal Reports

Anne Fisher – Affiliated Alternatives

§         Making plans for summer school/jobs

§         Graduation June 10 & 12 at Lapham - Art Rainwater will be speaking

§         Looking at next year’s referrals

§         Project site visit looking at urban leadership – site report was very impressed with AA program and how it’s been embraced within school community


Michael Hertting – Lapham

§         2nd grade celebration – kids are doing service work

§         Washer & dryer up and functioning

§         Sidewalk and ramp fixed in front of school on Dayton Street entrance

§         1st Monday in June – Lapham field days


Andrea Kreft – Marquette

§         “Benny’s” are in – they are in crossing areas; helped with traffic flow; would like to have parents out in force next fall to let parents know about drop off points/other safety issues

§         Held “Shape Up WI Kids”: kids exercised for 30 minutes when they got to school.  Great to get kids moving; helped them focus when they got in the classroom

§         Attended a Healthy Classroom Symposium – put on by medical students; one student would like to connect with Marquette next fall to promote healthy classrooms at school

§         1st annual Math meet Tuesday, May 20th

§         5th grade field trip to Body Works in Milwaukee; 4th grade to Milton House; ropes course coming up; April Jackson (EA) retiring this year


Budget Update – Chris Rietz

§         The complete Profit & Loss Budget Overview is posted on the PTG website: 2007-2008 Budget