Lapham-Marquette PTG

September 11, 2007 - Meeting Minutes

Marquette LMC



PTG Introductions:

President                      Tonya Delborne            256-9792 

Vice President               Bonnie Bohnson           255-9839 

Treasurer                      Chris Rietz                   242-1841 

Secretary                      Diane Brusoe               256-1207 

Fundraising Chair           Anita Krasno               258-8343 

Advocacy Chair            Matt Calvert                 255-9417 


General PTG announcements:

  • Kudos to the web development team.  Website address is:
  • Laura working on directory; looking to train someone for long-term handling of the directory.  Still needs forms from those who don’t want names in directory.  Form will be in upcoming newsletter if you don’t want your child in directory.


Principal Reports:

Andrea Kreft (Marquette)

  • Everything is really clicking well.  Playground and lunchroom going well. 
  • 210 students (projected at 208)
  • Going over Code of Conduct with students; please read and discuss your children
  • Please be aware of student drop off areas to avoid traffic congestion/safety hazards
  • Staff is going over “where we’d like to go” – great discussion about beliefs and where Marquette is headed
  • Will be looking at school improvement plan soon
  • District is giving us new resources: 3-5 Literacy Notebook; will be doing some in-servicing with this and discussing what direction we’re going.  Also Intermediate Learning Mathematics Notebook as new resource.


Anne Fisher (Affiliated Alternatives – AA)

  • AA programs have moved out of rental space and into Lapham-Marquette.
  • Some concern that plans are not in place for construction of the daycare area; at this point some young women are bringing babies to school.  Not ideal but at least women can pursue education.
  • SAPAR enrollment at this point is 28-29 (program is at Marquette) ; will enroll again at quarter; 5 staff are working with those 28 (maximum enrollment is 40)
  • Almost 100 students at Lapham, which includes 3 programs (Cluster, AERO, Work & Learn)
  • Additional Work and Learn group is at the Doyle Administration building
  • Working on staffs getting together (L-M-AA) with several socials
  • Haven’t heard complaints about parking, language, entering/exiting
  • In daily contact with other principals
  • The hours at Lapham are staggered to minimize contact between AA and Lapham kids.  In general (there are some variables from day-to-day), AERO starts at 8:30, dismisses at 2:30; Cluster starts at 9:00, dismisses at 2:00; Work & Learn day goes from 8:20-11:20 and 12:00-3:00.


Michael Hertting (Lapham)

  • Lapham undergone tremendous amount of change
  • This year includes a loss of sage staffing at Kindergarten & 1st; also loss at 2nd grade sage in literacy & math – this is an adjustment time
  • Focusing on “above the line” (ATL) behavior with kids; Dr. Hertting took pictures throughout the week last week and used them to illustrate ATL behaviors to kids
  • Long term plan to include PA system (i.e. lunch room)
  • Loss of kindergarten section (teacher will be transferring to another school) kids will transition to new teacher; updates will be sent home in backpack mail
  • Kindergarten classrooms are at 22.  Why not keep smaller classrooms (sizes of 16)? This is not an option based on district equity issues.  This change will be implemented by Friday (9/14).  Approximately 6 other schools in MMSD faced similar situations of losing a teacher this week.
  • Kindergarten enrollment was projected ~79; only have 66, therefore necessitating the loss of teacher.
  • Loss of a Kindergarten classroom will only tweak special teachers allocations
  • Will address the sage blocks at the open house meeting. 
  • Same kids will travel out of their homeroom class for math and literacy
  • Lapham doesn’t qualify for Title I this year either


Anita Krasno – Fundraising Update

  • Fundraising Committee meets ~ once/month;
  • Try to avoid fundraisers that require parents to push corporate products – except for Innisbrook (wrapping paper)– which is a very lucrative fundraiser.  Information will be coming home in about 3 weeks in backpack mail; products will be in by Thanksgiving
  • WI Homegrown is around the holiday season
  • Spring plant sale includes pre-ordered flats of annuals and perennials for sale on-site
  • Just Coffee occurs throughout the year (once/month) and offers coffee and tea
  • Spring Family Fun Night – substantial fundraiser for PTG
  • New ideas this year: sports equipment exchange; parents night out; direct solicitation letter to support PTG – still working on details
  • Box tops for education; kids caps & cash – still collect and bring in – money adds up.  Will get info out for parents.
  • Consider getting a Target credit card which returns proceeds to schools with each credit card use
  • Literacy run-walk is October 7 – looking for someone interested in being the team captain.  School with biggest group gets $1000 for school library.


Chris Reitz

  • Talk about what we’re raising funds for:  try to raise ~$20K/yr
  • Refer to spreadsheet for details breakdowns.


Matt Calvert

  • Advocacy role is try to communicate around school board and PTG
  • Primary goal to keep people abreast about what’s going on with the district budget – this is the best way to look out for our students.
  • There is an projected $4million budget shortfall next year (continuing years are worse)
  • Basically, board considering moving forward with operating referendum with vote in February around presidential primary
  • Many questions about structure about referendum
  • Art Rainwater is retiring in June; the Board is supposed to name a new person in February; there are a number of scheduled meetings/opportunities for input on superintendent search, including submitting the form available at:
  • East Attendance Area PTO Coalition – addresses concerns common to east area schools
  • They are holding several Roundtable discussion coming up; dates/location forthcoming
  • Could consider talking with your alders about ways the city could help out with crossing guards/other areas to free up money under the revenue caps.


John Johnson

  • Refer to the 9/13/07 News item on the School Endowment Initiative.
  • Nest egg of ~$34,000; give ~$1300 out in grants per yr (5% of total to distribute)
  • Additional information will be coming home in backpack mail


Other business:

  • Agreed to go ahead with Endowment solicitation and include PTG solicitation with Innisbrook fundraiser.
  • Agreed to support after-school legos gathering as PTG event at Marquette.