Lapham/Marquette PTG Meeting Minutes
Secretary Kerry Motoviloff
6:30 Tuesday October 14th in Marquette LMC

*Intros of Board and all in attendance including 5 staff members! 

*Principal updates

Lapham- Busy start. Two second grade classroom positions filled due to leaves. Still filling SEA position. Reorganized also at Kindergarten level with additional allocation. District approved “pilot” use of additional SAGE teacher to be used as full day section vs. SAGE block pull out at K only. Leaving K classes at 18 or 19 in each room. Enrollment higher than expected- around 231. First Awards celebration coming. Hunt’s quartet visited last week. Had first Above the Line assembly. Unicef program again this year for Halloween.

Marquette- 17th annual Marquette Mile this week. It is a fundraiser for outdoor education at each grade level. T-shirts available for parents to purchase. Kids will have them this week. Last week was Walk your Child to School Week. Shoes in front door to recognize over 160 kids participated. Literacy Walk was completed this weekend. Possibility that Marquette may qualify for a book room reward. Marquette is currently enrolled at 224. Next week principal for the day. WKCE state assessment window approaching. Teachers are currently involved in test prep. Friday, Oct. 17 is student vote day in the cafeteria. Votes will tally and send in to countywide program. Code Red drill coming. Expect a note before and a follow up note after. Two drills will be scheduled this year. Code Red is a drill to prepare/practice for an emergency lock down. Procedures include all students in room, lights out, and quiet in agreed room space following “Code Red Drill” announcement on PA system. They are very short in duration.

Affiliated Programs- Second year in the neighborhood. Programs are housed at Lapham and Marquette as well as the Doyle building. WKCE preparations also going on. Some staffing changes. A ropes course date has been set. Enrollment up in Work and Learn down to 35 in SAPAR and down a bit in Arrow. Staff involved in district wide initiative around standards based report cards at middle school level. Work/Learn students currently all students placed at their work sites. A huge valuable piece of our program is the partnership with placements at both Lapham and Marquette and beyond. MENS (Men Encouraging Non-violent Strength) Groups up and running. They meet an hour a week for 12 weeks. Cluster group accessing the Lapham Pool. Affiliated programs are currently producing a video communicating who they are and what they do. All 3 principals (Lapham/Marquette/Affiliated) in regular contact to be proactive. Administrators and staff see partnership as working.

*Ice Cream Social feedback parent input about goals for the year included: 
nutrition and healthy food at lunch
orientation planning and improvement
student teacher ratio
enrichment funding
links/connection with neighborhood and city
keeping both schools open
building understanding around changing demographics in MMSD
addressing social dynamics between kids/leadership/bullying
improving recess/time and activities
teaching gardening/cooking/nutrition in schools (Jr. Master Gardening Program grant at Marquette, Willy St. Co-Op considering doing one home-cooked lunch )
teaching tolerance

*Referendum DVD and discussion
DVD covered referendum proposal on November Ballot. It is a 3-year recurring referendum. Estimated tax increase $27 year 1, $47 year 2 and $20 year 3. More information is forth coming through advocacy chair. Informational DVD available for viewing and see MMSD website.

*Matt Calvert advocacy chair update- Lit Drops happening with CaST 
(Community and Schools Together) sponsored. Lit Drops in focused neighborhoods every weekend until election. First and second referendum public forum have happened. Next one at Goodman Community Center Tue. Oct 21 6-8. Reminder Matt can be reached on Lapham Marquette website. (PTG@marquettelapham) Suggestion to use the list serves to get people in touch with CaST and other organizations.

*Traffic safety program
National Walk to School Week celebration was last week at Marquette. There was a committee observing traffic patterns this week. They will be looking for volunteers to observe. Ongoing concerns about traffic patterns and flow around Marquette. Many initiatives in place. Interested parents please e-mail PTG presidents and they will connect you.

*Grant Requests and Applications
Applications were submitted to committee and will be submitted to district this month.

*Fundraising- D. Wolfe
Innisbrook extended. Much lower sales than last year. 
Seeking volunteers and donations for Election Day bake sale. 
Home Grown holiday fundraiser coming
Just Coffee started in Oct. We will not be passing out envelopes. Instead it will be on website. Suggestions: Standing orders are recommended. You can order coffee for your workplace. Can suggest fundraiser to organize your family’s orders.
Bucky Books are available to be sold for $40. E-mail Mary Beth.
Bake sale for Election Day

*After school clubs
Peggy Gartes coordinator. Talking to MSCR about liability issues before we go forward and look into finding volunteers. Goal to plan them for 2 four-week blocks or one 6-week block in the spring next semester. I the past it has been teachers, parent volunteers and college level volunteers. Past issues concerns around some behavior. Looking for recommendations. 

*Room Reps. 
all teachers now have a room rep. Teachers and room reps should try to connect and establish goals for the year.
*Administrative items
*Calendar update

Are there funds to support TEP or homeless students?TEP and parent scholarships available. All students have access to all things. Scholarships available.
Lapham Community garden? Ken Swift is the organizer for the plots in the garden . I think it is $5 for families to use it. It is being used in some classrooms regularly.
Enrichment items no longer funded? MSCR after school clubs not covered. PTG will pick up this year. We need an adult to come forward and coordinate and find resources for adults to teach. Peggy Gartes is coordinating.