Lapham-Marquette PTG Meeting Minutes

 (Rescheduled due to weather Dec. 15th)

Special Brainstorming and Committees Meeting


1.  Vote on Lapham and Marquette "Wish List" Purchases.

Risso for Marquette-service contract comes with it for a few years.

Laminator for Lapham- comes with 2 year maintenance agreement.

Board recommending that we approve these items purchased out of our surplus. Vote taken and approved. Each about $2300.

2.  Principal Reports

Lapham- Indoor recess went well. K had a choice activity. Holiday luncheon went well. About 600 people turned out. Students from Affiliated Programs helped set up, serve and clean up. Report card window has opened. Report cards coming home 1/30.

 Marquette-using PTG purchased digital cameras for ongoing project. Slideshow this Friday. Line item for performing arts-possible Drum and Dance theatre performance in the spring. Skip Jones coming for “Bully Proofing” community building. He is willing come through net PTG meeting and share out. Opera for the Young unable to come this year. Andrea asking for PTG input to use the rest of the item for. Lapham Choir coming over in the spring. Geography Bee is this Wed. 6 participants. Spelling Bee is coming up. Looking for parent input around Bees. How does the PTG feel about them? Traffic Committee meeting again. City releasing report. Update next meeting. Marquette received a grant to get the gardening /market up and running. More to come.

3.  Short Committee Updates

Budget Update-full update on website. Currently we are at where we were last year, but concern we may fall short.  General appeal will come out with the directory. PTG currently has a surplus. Currently we can calculate a 15,000 surplus. Typically PTGs spend down budgets. Alex recommending a cushion to keep to cover future needs but still able to spend on WISH LIST items.

Advocacy-CaSt meeting last week to talk about school finance reform. Coming in legislature probably in Feb. Another upcoming meeting in January after new make up of assembly.

After School Clubs-Peggy Gartes- full proposal on website. We need to recruit leaders. Stipend offered. Sending parent interest info in listserve, on website, backpack mail and newsletter. No bus transportation, parent pick up or Red Caboose. Looking for a site coordinator for each school for 6 weeks Wednesday nights in Feb./March.

Fundraising Committee-looking for a committee of people to recruit volunteers, discuss what ones to continue and add etc. Minimal commitment. Contact Anita and Daithi. Donated Bucky Books will be used as an attendance incentive for PTG meetings. John Bishop first winner!!. A Bucky Book will be given away at every PTG meeting. Others for sale for $40 as a PTG fundraiser. Table set up at each office this Friday 2-3:30.

Gardening Committee- presented an organization proposal. See website for proposed plan. Proposed a first draft with expanded plans for gardening initiative. Future discussion to come.

4.      Brainstorming and Committee Formation: Parents discussed interests, updates and issues and ideas were grouped into committees as follows:


Next meeting Tuesday, Jan. 13 6:30 at Lapham. Childcare available. Social hour, snacks, get to know other parents, join and see what committees are forming. Each committee will have a rep there to share objectives/ideas and projects and to add your ideas.