PTG Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Lapham LMC


- Principal and Teacher Reports

Affiliated- Anne spending lots of time out at sites. Progress reports were good. Enrollment up and consistent with Work and Learn students. Department of License and Registration continuing the discussion around partnership. Economic times have impacted Work and Learn students. Available jobs for students have been limited. Anyone in a place to share information about positions that could be open to Work and Learn Students please contact Anne.

Marquette-Affirmative Action partnership met with Andrea to discuss sustained partnership in mentoring, small one time items etc. Just starting a list. Math Fest was last week at American Insurance. Marquette was awarded first place in Fifth grade and second in Fourth Grade. Battle of the Books was held today (March 10) against Emerson. Marquette won in the end. It was a close contest. Thursday -all school Acknowledgement Program. Acknowledgements will be given to classes or individual students. Multicultural Committee met with Andrea again around merging cultural arts as part of the curriculum. Tomorrow (March 11) allocations come to principals. Parent input forms will be coming out to help teachers in placing students for next year. WKCE test results came to building parents will receive results at home soon.

Lapham- Leadership Team met around ideas for ideas to use in partnership with the business like: clean up day, or clothing drive for student needs. Allocation information coming-one concern is that we may lose the TEP half time staff. Possible that with enrollment issues Kindergarten may return to SAGE supported literacy and math time vs. four sections of K. Mike will hold 2 extra meetings this spring for incoming Kindergarten parents/families. Teachers are working on report cards to come home before spring break. Swimming programs starting. Hunt Quartet came for final performance. Symphony school trip coming soon. Math Night brought about 200 participants. Mike and Andrea available for Second cup of coffee at Ground Zero on a Thursday for parent discussion.

Energy Presentation-

Sophie Atkins, Marquette social worker, presented with Second Generation with Katie Ross-project director gave survey with students around building energy efficiency. Project engaging Marquette students around energy use/efficiency. Presented for 30 mins. in each room sharing energy, gas, water, and use for 2008 and conducted survey with teachers on transport, students survey to gather and present carbon 5. Ideas from kids-to install a solar system. Data and information survey results will be up on the website. David from Seven Generations survey found Marquette’s carbon emission and imprint was a thousand metric tons for a year, most under energy use for the building. Summary of actions that would have the highest impact: solar, implement energy efficiency report, purchase green power from MG&E, see website for more…If parents are interested on working on next steps, Sophie is forming a committee. Contact her at Marquette.


Expenditures and suggestions for next year

Goal for budget discussion is to start work on next year’s working budget. Looking for reactions and people interested in forming a committee around it. We have almost same overall income as last year despite dip in funds from Innisbrook and Wisconsin Homegrown fundraisers. PTG Board will be hosting an open meeting date and place TBA for input around brainstorming other ideas and priorities around the budget. Otherwise the budget will move forward.


LOOKING FOR PARENTS TO STEP FORWARD FOR NEXT YEAR”S PTG BOARD> Contact Mary Bet or Tyler if you are interested or have a nomination.


FAMILY FUN NIGHT and Fundraising-

APRIL 24th-six weeks from Friday. Some coordinators have stepped forward. WE NEED AN OVERALL COORDINATOR. Contact Daithi. - Entertainment Committee and Bake Sale- Mary Beth Collins coordinating. Refreshment Coordinator- Alex setting up. Variety Show Announcements should come out soon. Silent Auction coordinators Anita and Kerry. Diane- Game Coordinator Lisa Newman will coordinate Copper Challenge with Peggy Gartes. Art auction coordinator Gloria looking for someone to co-coordinator.  HELPERS HELPERS AND MORE HELPERS NEEDED. Contact Daithi.


Plant Sale -Tuesday May 5. Jim needs help on May 5. He will be calling from the list he has. Order form coming out next week.

Committee Reports-

After School Clubs going well. Goal to continue for next spring.

Arts and Culture- one group possible to present is Fusion Science Theater  “Boiling Point.” Looking at creating a year-long curriculum theme tie in.  Can we coordinate more with O’Keefe and East?

Garden Committee –has not met yet but Jim is meeting with Troy Gardens to discuss the plan to expand our garden at Lapham. Possible partnership with Community Ground works. Meeting with community gardeners coming up to discuss new initiatives, plans, space use and planting.

Traffic Safety- This Tuesday 9:00 meeting with Madison School Safety Committee. They will walk around Marquette and O’Keefe and share ideas around signs, curb paint, drop off areas and develop a list of ideas for principals to use in an educational campaign. Goal for Earth Day to have students walk and bike.

Room Reps- Teacher appreciation luncheon coming out second wed in May.

Advocacy-April 1 district Legislator Wright Middle School 6:00. Matt looking for a Lapham Rep. to coordinate and attend Lapham Tenney Neighborhood Committee.

Marquette Art Display/Fair will be up for next month’s meeting.