PTG Minutes April 14, 2009

IRT presentation Christine and Jill current IRT s (Instructional Resource Teachers) at Lapham and Marquette. IRT is a district initiative to bring professional development and curriculum support to elementary at an individual school level. The amount of IRT allocation this past year has been part time at each school. Next year the positions will be full time. The IRT’s role is varied in each school depending on needs of individual school and school’s SIP (School Improvement Plan). There is embedded staff development and problem solving around whole school issues as well as individuals. Lapham and Marquette are together offering a Lucy Calkins writing course this summer around the writing curriculum along with a follow up after school study next year. This will build continuity to both schools in writing. IRT’s support standardized and district level assessment, teacher development, SSIT (Student Support Intervention Team)

Allocation Discussion- around allocation change next year as it impacts special classes for class and a half.  The class and a half will impact Lapham. There is a petition floating from other PTO’s voicing concerns round the class and a half allocation switch. PTG will get info and circulate. Possibly have parents attend future budget meetings. This will be on next month’s agenda.

Adam Walsh Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association Education Chair- discussing a proposal around officially adopting Lapham.  There are surveys available and circulating on list serve to get volunteers for the school through the Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association. Future fundraising this summer.  The association publishes a quarterly newspaper and is interested in including events or programs in it.

Principal Updates

Anne- from Affiliated has been newly named principal at Jefferson Middle School. She has taught at Jefferson for 10 years and is looking forward to the return. She appreciates the connections she has made in the last 7 years. The process and posting for he replacement will be coming soon.

Mike- all school trip to overture this week. Next year’s planning is in progress. Lapham is in need of four volunteers for a Sat or evening to move in new bookshelves. Mike will be putting out request. Allocation cut 1 ½ positions. TEP staff was lost and a half time teacher and aid. Art and music decreased a tenth.

Andrea- Third and special education teacher positions are posted. The IRT position has been posted together ½ time each school. Paula Avellera social worker will be solely based at Marquette and Lapham. Marquette’s garden meeting will be meeting to prepare for Master Gardner Curriculum and tie in with Home Grown Snack and work with Mermaid Café. Urban Adventure with third grade starts soon. Partnership with government continues. Students will visit downtown. Cultural Arts African Dance and Singers. National Geographic Map of Africa coming. Next Tue. The 21 11:30.

 PTG Officers/Board Nominations-
Alex volunteers to continue at Treasurer -other officers still needed.
Committees-Lisa Newman- Notices for Copper Challenge coming.
Jim-garden upcoming forum to discuss use of the Lapham Plot.


Family Fun Night
5:30 open doors
5:45-6:15 music presentation
6:15-8 talent show