May 2009 PTG Minutes

Principal updates

Andrea – Thanks to parents for all the teacher appreciation week activities. Trips-2 students returned from Washington DC trip. Patrol trip to Bogey’s this week. Marquette Garden under way. Using the Junior Gardener Curriculum. Allocations in specials has changed. So Andrea is advocating for one person to fill the full positions instead of breaking them into several people.

Mike- end of year trips, celebrations, 2nd grade walk to visit Marquette, Second Grade celebration, field Day. Lapham Choir visited and performed at Marquette last week. This is last week of homegrown snack. Four or five classes participating in gardening program. Elimination of class and a half for specials.

Both spoke on Swine Flu protocol. Increased hand washing. Board of Health downgraded necessary response. Ready Set Go is back on budget but how it will occur is yet to be determined.

 Garden update-Jim has set up Lapham garden in stations for kids to rotate through and choose examples, dig in a assigned area, find bugs, screen compost, water etc.

Family Fun Night- Silent Auction raised $4500. Family Fun night net over $3000 for food and tickets. Flower vases $300. Copper Challenge $1200. Bake Sale money was pooled in the cash box. Next year bake sale will go back to ticket sales.

Reviewing and Approving Budget- discussed and approved a budget for expenses estimated at $25,491 and income estimated at $20,750. See website for full budget.

Next Year Officers:

Look Back at the Year

Accomplishments of Lapham/Marquette PTG, 2008-2009

In addition to traditional Fundraising, activities, and usual support of our schools, this year, the PTG had a few notable new accomplishments: