May 2010 PTG Minutes

Lapham-Marquette PTG

Monthly Meeting

May 11, 2010

Agenda: Principal Reports

Other Committee Reports

Gardens Update

Budget Review

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

New Officer Elections

Principal Reports:

Mike Hertting, Lapham:

The final Awards Assembly for the year was held. The 2nd graders sang.
Class placements are ongoing.
Budgetary concerns are also ongoing and being considered.
There are some retirements pending.
Got to the 2nd round with the Make-A-Difference Foundation.
The Drama performance is 5/25 at 9:00AM and 6:45PM.
The 2nd graders had a field trip to Marquette.
2nd Grade Celebration is 6/4 at 10:30, followed by a
picnic at Tenney Park.

Andrea Kreft, Marquette:

Marquette is also experiencing more retirings and hirings.
Good allocations were gotten from the budget.
SCA time has been restored.
There is a new Gym teacher.
There will be ESL programs and a bilingual teacher.
There will be an IRT position in Literacy.
Class placements are ongoing.
WoW is going great -- there is a video for interested parties.
The Garden is also coming along with new raised beds.
Special Kudos for Family Fun Night!

Other Committee Reports:

Sandra, Arts & Culture:

Reminder that Gallery Night is 5/27 from 6-8PM.
Angela Johnson, the Artist in Residence, is closing up her project.
Postcards will be for sale and the tiles created will be installed on the raised garden beds.
Help is needed for design/installation of tiles
Healthy snacks are needed for the 5/27 reception.
A Backpack Mailer will be sent out about Gallery Night.
Barb requested volunteers to help glue photos to

Gardens Update:

Mr. Swift showed a slideshow of student involvement in the Gardens, and
delineated how valuable they are to the overall education process and how
important they are to the kids.
Much discussion was had about how to work out the financial aspect of having
Jim Hansen be the primary educator/caretaker of the gardens. Suggestions
were to create a grant proposal for a Gardener-In-Residence, or to get a
committee of parents involved to look for appropriate grants.
Teacher advocacy and participation is vital to the sustainability of the Gardens.
Tuesday and Thursday are Gardening Nights, and all are welcome.

Budget Review:


A determination needs to be made about what sort of
fundraisers work best.
Innisbrook was not a huge success.
Are targeted fundraisers more effective?
Is the option to order online more effective?
Are online announcements more effective?
The Wisconsin Homegrown Holiday was appreciated for its local focus and is
the second biggest fundraiser after Family Fun Night.
Lightbulb sales are seeing diminishing interest.
Low-impact fundraising maybe not as effective.
O’Keeffe sends 1 solicitation letter, but is also seeing diminishing returns
and a drop-off of parental interest.
Events are more successful than flyers.
The Healthy Snack dinner raised $16-1700.
Box Top raised $700.
Family Fun Night raised $9,000 net.
The Plant Sale raised $900.

A targeted solicitation letter delineating PTG needs might be effective.
Jettison low-performing fundraisers.
Resolve communications failures.
Research the Wisconsin Fundraisers that want our business.
Coffee tie-ins.
Coupon booklets.
Pursuant to the idea that events are more effective than flyers, a Fall
Event is being researched.
Fee vs. Free for low-income families.
A fundraiser for the arts.
Jill will work on music.
The Fiscal year starts June 1st.
The PTG will have a June meeting to vote on the new budget allocations.
Bring a calendar of fundraising events for
scheduling purposes.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon:

The date of 5/20 was settled on after a number of communication/scheduling snafus.
30-40 teachers per school are being appreciated/fed.
Alex will provide plates/utensils/drinks.
Each school has $50 for the luncheon.
Coordinate lasagna with Peter Robinson?
Room reps will handle asking for parent
contributions of salads/sides/desserts.
Room reps will also ask for parent volunteers for
setup and cleanup.

New Officer Elections:

Jill Jacklitz, President.
Carlos Chacon, Vice President.
Dave Seifert, Treasurer.
Cassandra Phoenix, Secretary.

There will be a June PTG Meeting on 6/8/10 at Lapham.

Respectfully submitted, Cassandra Phoenix .